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Trying to decide between a lawn tractor or a zero turn mower? It can be a big decision and with an average zero turn mower costing nearly 2000 dollars more, the temptation is to go cheap. We can help with zero turn mower financing though, even with bad credit, so before you make a decision, look at some zero turn advantages.

A More Efficient Cutting Pattern

The biggest advantage of a zero turn is its ability to pivot 180 degrees. You have undoubtedly seen people operating them and seemingly turning around as if they were on a turntable. No lawn tractor can match the maneuverability.

What this means is that it can have a much more efficient cutting path. With a lawn tractor, you have to either cut over areas that have already been cut or you have to stop and back up to avoid missing patches. This is because it has a much wider turning radius.

This more efficient cutting pattern of the zero turn can result in cutting times that are about half of what a lawn tractor can do. The ability to cut two acres in 45 minutes versus an hour and a half is huge, making the zero turn well worth the price.

Attachment Availability

There are no shortage of attachments available for the zero turn mower. Attachments can allow you to bag clippings, mulch, blow snow and transport raw materials. If you can imagine a lawn task, there is probably an attachment to accomplish it.

Yes, the lawn tractor has most of the same attachments but many people feel that a zero turn is lacking in this department. It is not, although you may have to add an aftermarket hitch to your zero turn.

Easier To Drive

You might think that a lawn tractor would be easier to drive with its car like steering wheel and pedals, but this is not really the case. You might be more familiar with a lawn tractor but it is certainly not any easier to drive.

Although a zero turn looks intimidating at first, once you get used to it, they are easier to drive. A zero turn can be handled very easily and some people would even call them a pleasure to drive. Easily work around obstacles and smoothly accelerate, turn and stop.

Ease of use makes your cutting time fly by and can turn a chore into a hobby.

Longer Lifespan

Zero turns are more expensive, but they also have generally longer lifespans.

Most machines will have higher horsepower engines that do not have to work as hard as the smaller engines found on lawn tractors.

In addition, you have to remember that your cutting time is reduced by about half with a zero turn. This means that you will put half the hours on your mower each year compared to a lawn tractor. That is a big difference in longevity and in maintenance and fuel costs.

They Are Cooler

We have to say it. It might not be a big factor for you, but you will look cooler on a zero turn.

bookmark_borderGood & Cheap Zero Turn Mower

Are you looking for a good and cheap zero turn lawn mower? Lots of people are. The problem is that you can either get good or you can get cheap. There is no such thing as good and cheap. If you have to go with cheap, a better option might be zero turn mower financing instead of buying junk.

Good Versus Cheap

When looking for a piece of machinery, these are two terms that can never be used together. They are actually conflicting terms and they are at odds with each other.

A fight of good over cheap

The Good

Good in the terms of a zero turn lawn mower generally means reliable. This means sound engineering, quality parts and a strong engine made by a well known maker. All of these things come at a cost which is why you can not get it cheap. They also make for a mower that will last a long time and power through the tallest grass.

The Cheap

To make something cheap, corners have to be cut. You need to use less expensive parts, a less powerful engine and spend less on engineering costs. This makes a cheap mower not as good as a more expensive one. It will not perform as well and will probably last a fraction of the time that a good machine will, but it will be cheap.

Getting A Good Zero Turn Mower

By now, you surely realize that we are on the favor of getting a good zero turn mower instead of a cheap one. There are just to many benefits to the good one.

When you buy a good zero turn, you know that you are going to get a quality machine. When you buy a cheap zero turn, you are simply hoping that it will last long enough to make it worth the money. It is a bad feeling, waiting for your machine to die and when you go cheap, you know it will happen sooner rather than later.

But what are you supposed to do if you want that good mower but simply can not come out of pocket thousands and thousands of dollars for it? This is where we come in. We can help you get a financing offer to buy that zero turn lawn mower, no matter what your credit looks like.

Even better, that financing will be in the form of a cash loan, directly deposited into your account. That will make you a cash buyer allowing you to buy your zero turn wherever you want. Have the freedom to find the exact model that you want and to shop for the best deal.

Avoiding A Cheap Zero Turn With Financing

So, financing is obviously a way to get the good zero turn and avoid having to settle for a cheap one. Now, let’s take a look at how to get your financing offer.

First, you should know that we are not lenders and do not make credit decisions. This works out well for you because instead, we get you access to a larger group of online lenders. That can make it easier for you to get a finance offer, even if you have bad credit.

To get your offer, first consider how much you will need to borrow. Remember, this is a cash loan, so you can get a bit more to pay for accessories to your zero turn if you like. Although not designed for towing, a tow behind garden trailer can come in handy along with your mower.

Once you have your amount, click this link to get your zero turn offer. Enter in your amount and then some information about yourself. Finish t up by entering in where you want your money to go and submit your form. Then, just wait briefly for your answer.

If approved for zero turn financing, one lender from the group will make you an offer and you will visit their website to see the terms. Carefully review the terms and make sure that you understand all of the details. If you like the offer presented, you can accept it and your lender will get you the money ASAP. If the offer is not to your liking, just turn it down. Just getting a quote in no way obligates you.

Good Zero Turns Are Easier To Buy Than Cheap Ones

Once you have your money, you will quickly see that good zero turn lawn mowers are much easier to buy than cheap ones.

With cheap zero turns, your selection is quite limited. You just have one base model and you either take it or leave it.

With good zero turns, the sky is the limit. They come with all sorts of different options. Get the exact deck width that you want and the power system that you like. Instead of one or two cheap models, you can be staring at dozens of different models.

All of these options might make it a bit more confusing to choose the perfect mower but it is better than the alternative. Take your time and lean on the experience of a few good Outdoor Power dealers to make the right choice.