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Need money for a Dixie Chopper? We may be able to help with financing, even if you have bad credit. Take a minute to get a loan offer and you could be shopping for your mower as a cash buyer. First, how much do you need to borrow?

A sports field likely cut with a Dixie Chopper.

Financing With Bad Credit

As you already know, getting financing with bad credit can be a challenge. This is where we come in with a unique approach. We ourselves are not lenders but instead, get you access to a larger group of lenders online. More lenders means more chances of getting an approved offer, even with bad credit.

In addition, i approved and if you accept a loan, your lender will deposit funds directly into your account. That will make you a cash buyer with all of the benefits that come with it. Shop wherever you like and get the right model for you at the lowest price..

Get Your Offer

So now that you know the basics, let’s look at how you are going to get your offer for Dixie Chopper financing.

First, head up to the top of the page and fill in the short quote form. The form is secure and only asks you for some basic information. Things like income, contact information and the bank where you would want your funds sent.

Once you complete the form, give it a check for accuracy and then submit it to get your answer. If approved, one of the lenders will make you a cash offer. You will then go to their website to review this offer and make your decision.

If you like your loan offer, you can accept it and have money in your account as soon as the next day. You can then shop for your Dixie Chopper just like any other cash buyer.

Buying Your Mower

Once you have your money, you can start shopping for your Dixie Chopper. Since these mowers are sold only through authorized retails, there will be a limited amount of places to purchase them. While they do have an extensive network of dealers, you can not just head down to the local Home Depot and pick one up. That being said, if you are willing to drive 50 miles, you are likely in range of a dealer. Before you head out to the dealer, here are some things to ponder.

What Deck Size Do You Want?

Since you have already determined that you want a Dixie Chopper and received a loan, even with bad credit, your next step is to narrow down what size mower that you would like. Deck size is your first consideration.

Residential mowers will come with deck sizes from 42 inches to 54 inches. Bigger is not always better here, you need to consider your particular land. Are there a lot of obstacles to navigate or do you have to fit through a tight gate? If so, a narrow 42 inch deck might be best. If, on the other hand, you have wide open flat land, a 54 inch deck could save you a lot of time.

Should You Go With A Commercial Model?

Next determine if you want to go with a residential model or commercial zero turn mower. If you are in business, choosing a commercial Dixie chopper should be a no brainer. They are available with larger engines and have larger decks available ranging in size from 48 inches to 72 inches.

Even those using a mower for residential use might consider a commercial unit. If you have a lot of acreage and need the power or the larger deck size, it might be a good decision for you. Also, consider the longer longevity and the higher resale price that a commercial unit will have.

Do You Want To Buy Used?

Dixie Choppers are known for reliability, so you might want to consider a used model. Going used could save you thousands of dollars or it could allow you to be able to afford a more powerful machine. If you go this route, be sure to thoroughly test your machine.

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If you need a zero turn mower, but have bad credit, you are probably scratching your head looking for a solution. Luckily, we may be able to help you get an offer, even with that bad credit. Find out in just a few minutes. To start, how much do you expect to need to borrow.

A man who got a zero turn with bad credit.

A Loan For Bad Credit

For most people, a zero turn lawn mower is not a luxury item, it is a necessity. If you need one it is probably because you have enough land that a normal riding tractor just will not do.

Since this is something that is probably a necessity, you will need to figure out how to get that zero turn, even if you have bad credit. With zero turns starting at around 3000 dollars, that can be a tough problem. We can help though.

At, we are not direct lenders and do not make credit decisions. This is a good thing because instead, we get you access to a much larger group of online lenders. With more lenders comes more chances of getting the yes that you need.

Here is how it works.

First, you need to input your information into the form at the top of the page. The form will first ask you how much you need and then it will ask for information about you and your income. You will also need to enter in bank information because this is how your lender would conduct the transaction. If you are approved and accept a loan, they will transfer cash into your account so that you can buy your zero turn mower.

After you complete your form, simply agree to the terms and submit your quote. Now, you just have to wait a moment for a decision, most will come quickly. If approved, a single lender will make you an offer and you will typically be directed to visit their website for the details of your loan offer.

Your final step to get a zero turn mower with bad credit is to review your offer and make a decision. Make sure that you read all of the details of the loan because bad credit loans can often have some pretty harsh terms. If you agree to the terms, you can accept the loan and your lender will deposit money into your account as soon as the next business day.

Other Ways To Get A Mower With Bad Credit

An online installment loan is an easy way to get the mower that you need, but you may have other options. Here are some possibilities.

Buy Here Pay Here

A buy here pay here zero turn might be a solution for you. Places like Aaron’s Rent To Own can get you a mower with semi monthly or monthly payments. The plus here is that getting approved can be very easy. If you have bad credit. In addition, the process of getting your mower can also happen rather quickly.

On the down side, this can be a costly loan. Not only is the interest high but the purchase prices generally are too. The price is usually much higher than what you would pay at that big box home improvement store. In addition, selection will be limited. You will probably have to choose between maybe one or two different models.

Used Zero Turns

Used power equipment is tricky but if you shop around and take your time, you might be able to find a good deal. This is most effective at the end of a season. People are far more likely to sell a zero turn mower for a reduced price in the Winter.

When looking for used machinery, be sure to give things a thorough check. Run the equipment, paying attention to how it starts and runs. Smoke at startup, for example, could be a sign of worn rings.Be as thorough as possible and if you are not mechanically inclined, bring along someone who is.

Do Without A Zero Turn.

If you can not get a zero turn with bad credit, you might be better off just doing without it.

One way to do that is to limit how much of your acreage that you cut. If there is no HOA to deal with, simply let a part of it go natural. Stake out a smaller section of lawn around your home and cut it with your standard garden tractor or even a push mower. When you eventually get a zero turn, you can start cutting the entire property.