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If you are looking for buy here pay here zero turn mowers, we may be able to provide you with an even better option. Secure an online loan for a zero turn, even with bad credit, and shop for your mower anywhere you like. Get the exact mower that you want and shop for the best price at any dealer. Get started now.

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Why Choose Online Zero Turn Financing?

There are quite a few reasons to shop for an online loan versus going with a buy here pay here zero turn mower.

For starters, when you go with one of these stores, you are limited to the selection that they have in stock. You have to choose only one of the models that they carry and the price is usually inflated. They do not have to even negotiate price with you because they know that you are stuck buying with them. That gives them a lot of power.

Take that power out of a dealers hand by getting financing online. Then, you can shop at any location that you like. That means that you can choose the exact mower that is right for you and you will have the ability to shop for the best price. If a dealer knows that you are not stuck buying from them, the will be much looser with the purchase price.

Getting zero turn mower financing online can also often be much easier. We get you access to a large group of lenders that can get you that approval, even if you have less than perfect credit. We ourselves are not lenders and that is a good thing, because the last thing that you would want to do is deal with one single lender if you have bad credit. More lenders equals more odds of getting a Yes.

Getting Your Zero Turn Loan Offer

Getting an offer is easy and takes just a few minutes for most people. Here is what you need to do.

Head on up the page and fill in the very short online quote form. Enter in how much you expect to need to borrow and then some information about yourself. You will also enter banking information because this is how your lender will get you the money for your loan. They pay you directly and that allows you to buy your zero turn mower just like any other cash buyer.

Once you have completes your quote form, you can submit it and simply wait for an answer. In most cases, it you should have your answer very quickly. If approved for a loan, one lender will make you a financing offer and you will be sent to their particular website where you can review the details of the loan.

This next step is very important. Once at the lenders website, you need to review all of the details of your zero turn lawn mower financing offer carefully. This is always important, but particularly so if you have bad credit, because not every loan will be a good one.

Make sure that you understand all of the details of the loan and if you have questions, make sure that your lender clarifies things with you before you proceed. Of particular importance is the amount of the loan payment and the total cost of the loan. Make sure that you can afford to pay back the loan and that the total cost is not too much.

Last, but certainly not least, it is time to make your decision. If the offer was to your liking you can accept it and your lender will deposit money directly into your checking account. If you do not like the offer, you can just walk away.

Saying Yes Or Not To The Offer

Just because you received an offer for that mower does not mean that it is a good one. You need to take the time to read all of the details and then make an educated decision. This is especially true if you have bad credit and were originally looking for buy here pay here zero turn mowers. Here are some things to think about.

How much do the fees and/or interest add up to?

One detail that you should pay attention to is the total cost of the loan. This is the total amount that you would end up paying if you carried the loan to term. It includes the principal, fees and interest.

Compare this number to the original loan amount and decide if the cost is worth it. For example, if you are borrowing 3000 dollars and paying back 6000 dollars, is the cost worth it? Only you can make that decision because everyone’s situation is different.

Will the payment fit into your budget?

You have a budget right? If not write up a simple one, being sure to include all your expenses. Do not forget to add in money for things like food, gas and entertainment.

Once you have your budget, add in the cost of your zero turn lawn mower payment. Then, compare it to your monthly take home pay. Once you do that, you can make an accurate decision as to whether or not you can afford that payment.

Do you really need that zero turn mower?

Finally, be honest with yourself as to whether you need that zero turn mower. Could you get by with a smaller mower. If you are cutting less than an acre, a garden tractor might be a more reasonable purchase. Also, compare that monthly payment to the cost of having a service cut your lawn. You might be surprised.

Buying Your Zero Turn Mower

Buying your new mower is much easier with online financing than it would be if you went with “buy here pay here zero turn mowers”.  This is because you can buy your mower wherever you like. You can also choose to go to the used market if that suits you better.

When choosing a mower, you need to choose the mower size carefully. Go too small and you negate a lot of the advantage of going with one of these machines. Go too big and you get a mower that might be too awkward to use effectively on your property. Choose carefully.

Besides function, form is often a factor when choosing a zero turn mower. Take a look at some zero turn mower pictures and get an idea about what style you are looking for. You will be on this thing every week, so you might as well enjoy it.

bookmark_borderWhat Size Zero Turn To Choose?

When it comes to zero turn mowers, bigger is not always better. The larger the mower, the more the cost is to acquire it. If you are paying cash for a mower, you can waste a good bit of money. If you are financing a mower, you can lose even more, especially if you are in need of bad credit zero turn financing. Every extra dollar that you finance comes with fees.

Besides the purchase price, you also have maintenance to consider. Larger mowers come with larger engines and these can be more expensive to maintain. A Briggs & Stratton, for example, would be far cheaper to maintain than a Kubota diesel.

So, to make the most of the money tha you spend, it is appropriate to choose the right mower for the lawn that you need to cut. Here are some guidelines that can give you an idea Your mileage may vary.

Choosing Your Mower Deck Size

This is going to be the single biggest decision that you have to make when deciding what size zero turn to choose.

On the surface, you might think that you should get the biggest cutting deck that you can afford. After all, you are getting a zero turn mower to make cutting your property faster, so why not go big? Well, it is not always that easy.

Going Too Big

Going with too big of a cutting deck can actually slow you down and in some cases might be dangerous.

If you have a lot of trees and obstructions, for example, a larger mower will be much harder to maneuver. It might even be too big to fit between features like trees, boulders and fence lines. That could cause you to have to do detail mowing with a push mower, which would defeat the purpose of getting a zero turn.

In addition, if you have ditches or uneven terrain, a larger mower could be less nimble. That could actually make your mower a safety hazard and a liability.

Just The Right Size

So, just how big should you go? If you have about 2 acres to cut, manufacturers suggest that you go with a deck size of 48 inches to 54 inches. If your land is relatively flat without obstructions, go bigger. If your land has ditches and multiple trees or obstructions, a smaller deck size would probably be more appropriate.

If you have land in excess of 2 acres, you can go even larger than a 54 inch deck size. Just keep in mind that as you go bigger, maneuverability will suffer.

Choosing Your Engine Size

We all want power and we can let this urge get the better of us. More power is not always the way to go because it comes at a great financial cost. Larger engines are more expensive to buy and more expensive to maintain.

In the world of zero turn mowers, what you get with power is speed. This is great unless you can not use that speed or simply do not need it.

Check with the manufacturer to determine the maximum speed that comes with an engine size. Choose one that is appropriate for your yard and conditions. Keep in mind that obstacles and hilly terrain will limit the speed that you can go. Choosing a machine that is capable of more speed than you need is simply wasting money.

When choosing speed, also keep in mind that things like mulching will reduce it. If you intend to use a mulching blade, your speed will be about half of the manufacturers stated speed.

When To NOT Choose A Zero Turn

Sometimes when deciding what size zero turn to choose, you might end up not choosing one at all. Zero turn mowers are great, but they are not for every yard. There are two big reasons that you might not want to get a zero turn mower.

Your Yard Is Too Small

If your yard is less than 1.5 acres, a zero turn mill probably be overkill. You could get away with a nice sized lawn tractor and save thousands of dollars. A zero turn is cool but if it costs you 2000 dollars and only saves you a few minutes a week in mowing time, it s imply is not worth it.

Your Yard Is Hilly

If you have slopes with inclines of greater than 15 percent, a zero turn mower may not be appropriate. In fact, it might even be a safety concern. Zero turn mower can turn on a dime but not if they do not have traction. You can easily lose control of one of these mowers on steep inclines, especially if the grass is slick.

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When looking for a zero turn mower, it is the price and features that are usually the deciding factors when making a purchase. That being said, sometimes it comes down to looks. If you have two mowers that are compatible, sometimes it is the one that looks the coolest that get s purchases. We are just human after all.

If you are on the fence about which mower you want, here is a collection of zero turn mower pictures. Use it to help guide yourself towards a decision. Once you have made that decision, we will be more than happy to help you with zero turn mower financing. Enjoy.

Please note, the pictures below have been submitted to us or we believe them to be in the public domain. If you have reason that an image should be removed, please contact us.

Gravely Zero Turn Mower

Zero Turn Mower By Gravely

Grasshopper 52″ Zero Turn

Grasshopper mower picture

Hustler Zero Turn

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Husqvarna Zero Turn Lawn Mower

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Lawn Boy Zero Turn

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