Zero Turn Mower Financing

Have some acreage that needs to be cut? You need a zero turn mower and we can help. Take just a few minutes and get an offer for financing. If approved, you can shop any dealer as a cash buyer. First, how much do you expect to spend?

A zero turn mower from financing.

How We Help With Financing

We can help you get an offer for zero turn mower financing even if you have heard no before. We can do this because we ourselves are not direct lenders. That sounds strange, but it actually works in your best interest.

Instead of offering financing directly, we give you access to a large group of online lenders. These are lenders that are used to working with all sorts of credit types. This means that even if you have bad credit, you may be able to get an offer.

Here is how it all works:

1) Input your information into the quote form.

Navigate up the page to the quote form and enter in all of your information. Enter in how much you anticipate needing, some contact information and information about your income. When entering the amount that you need, be sure to estimate any accessories that you need. If approved for a loan, you will be paid in cash and you can use the money however you see fit.

In addition to the information above, you will also have to enter in your banking information. Don’t worry, the form is secure. Banking information is needed because that is how the lender will send you money. They deposit money directly into your account which will make you a cash buyer of a zero turn lawn mower.

2) Submit your quote form to the lending group.

Now that you have completed your form, it is time to send it to the lending group for a decision. Before you do so, be sure to read over your information and make sure that everything is accurate. ANy errors could cause delays in the future should you decide to accept a loan.

Once you are sure that everything is correct, hit submit and await your decision on your zero turn mower financing. Most decisions come back very quickly, so you should not be waiting too long.

3) Make a decision on your financing offer.

Last, but not least, it is now time to make a loan decision. Just because you need zero turn mower financing does not mean that you should jump on the first offer that you receive. Take the time to thoroughly read all of the details of the loan offer.

If you like the zero turn mower financing offer, you simply need to accept the offer. Your lender will then go about getting you the money as soon as possible. This could be as soon as the very next business day.

Should you decide that the loan offered is not right for you and your situation, just turn it down. There is no obligation involved in simply getting a quote.

Brand new zero turn mowers.

Choosing Your Zero Turn Mower

If you accepted an offer for financing, now is the time to start thinking about what type of mower that you want. You have all sorts of choices ranging from small residential units to big and brawny commercial machines. The machine that you choose depends on your usage.

Commercial Or Residential Mowers

If you have a relatively small yard of 1 to 3 acres, a typical residential zero turn mower will probably do the trick. It will have more than enough power to handle your yard and should give you years of effortless use.

For larger yards, you might start looking at the commercial mower market. They will have wider tracks and more powerful engines. They can handle the stress of being used for hours at a time on a regular basis.

New Or Used

Another consideration is whether to get a new or used model. Since your lender would be paying you in cash directly, the choice is really up to you.

With a new unit, the biggest benefit is that it would be under warranty. Having at least a one year warranty should be very reassuring. In addition, since it would be brand new, you would know that everything is in good shape. You can then start a maintenance program where you can be assured that you will get years of life out of your mower.

Used mowers have some advantages as well, the chief one being the price. You can potentially save thousands of dollars on a unit or get a commercial used mower for the price of a new residential one.

Get A Zero Turn Loan With Bad Credit

Getting a zero turn loan with a bad credit storm.

If you need a a loan for a zero turn mower bad have bad credit, your options can be a bit limited. Financing from a dealership can be difficult because dealer credit typically requires higher scores.

When you see those ads at a dealership for low interest financing, it usually requires a high credit score to qualify. So, what are you supposed to do if you need a mower and have less than perfect credit. We can help.

Our Role In The Process

At, we are not lenders and this is a very good thing for you. If we were a single lender, you would have just one shot at getting an approval on your mower.

Instead, we get you access to a large network of lenders online. More lenders means more chances of getting an approval, even if you have bad credit. In short, if your credit is poor, we may be your best shot at getting the mower that you need.

The best thing about it all is that if you are approved and accept an offer, your lender will pay you in cash. They will deposit money directly into your bank account so that you can buy that zero turn mower wherever you want. Get the exact model that you want and have the ability to negotiate on price.

Getting Past The Credit Check

If you have bad credit, you are probably dreading that all important credit check. It seems like all is riding on that tiny little number. If your credit score is not so hot, before you head off to get a buy here pay here mower, here are some things to do.

One: Work On Your Credit

There are some things that you can do that will have a quick impact on your credit rating.First and foremost, you need to know what is on there, so run a report. You are entitled to a free report from every bureau once a year.

Once you have that report, dispute any information that you believe is false. Send a dispute in writing to the bureau and they have 30 days to investigate. If it can not be proven, it must come off.

Next, take a look at your balances and see if you can pay them down. If you can get your credit card utilization close to or below 30 percent, you can get a nice increase in your score.

Two: Be Stable

Your lender wants stability, it gives them a warm and fuzzy feeling. You are much more likely to get financing for a zero turn lawn mower if you have been living at the same location for a long time. People who travel around often are a bad risk.

Additionally, if you have been at the same job for a long time, you will look much more stable. It indicates that you will be employed for a long time and will maintain your ability to pay back the loan.

Three: Make The Loan Less Risky

Anything else that you can do to make the loan less risky will help your chances of getting approved. This could mean putting more money down, choosing a more reliable brand of mower or getting a cheaper zero turn.

Bad Credit Loan Terms

If you have bad credit, you probably already know that your loan may have some unfavorable terms. You are not going to get the same deal as someone with an 800 credit score. That being said, you should not just blindly accept a bad loan because you need that zero turn lawn mower. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

One: Are The Terms Acceptable?

Make sure that the loan terms are not too extreme. Look into all of the fees like those for late payments, early payment penalties, etc. Make sure the lender is not trying to slip something crazy into the loan contract.

Two: Is The Total Cost Too High?

Add up all of the fees and/or interest to get the total cost of the loan. Is it worth it? That is a question that only you can answer. For example,if you wind up paying 6000 dollars for a 3000 dollar zero turn, is that acceptable? That depends on you and your situation.

Three: Can You Afford The Payment

Last but not least, can you actually afford the payment on your zero turn. Fit the payment into your budget and make sure that all is good. Hopefully you have a budget, if not, go ahead and write one out and then insert the potential loan payment. If things are tight or you are going to come up short, you may need to pass on the loan.

Places To Get A Zero Turn Loan

You have several choices when it comes to financing for a zero turn lawn mower. Most, but not all will require at least good credit. Here are some options.

Big Box Store Credit

The big home improvement stores usually offer in house financing on their mowers. There are a couple of catches though. For starters, you need to have good to excellent credit. They typically give low interest deals and you are really going to have to have good credit to get those.

The other disadvantage with box store credit is that your selection is going to be severely limited. They tend to stock mainly push mowers or garden tractors. The store might have a couple of zero turn mowers but that is it. These are also going to be residential quality mowers, you can usuay forget about getting a commercial quality zero turn mower.

On the bright side of things, if you are looking for a residential mower and have good credit, you can probably score a pretty good deal.

Dealer Credit

Another option is to look into dealership credit from an Ag Power dealer. Many of these will also offer in house credit or will work with an outside finance company. Like that big box store though, you will probably need good to great credit to qualify.

If you can qualify, however, you will have some access to some fine machines like those from Skag. If you want a zero turn that will last, a commercial model from a dealer will fit the bill. It is also a necessity if you plan on working with your machine. A residential will not last long under commercial conditions. Commercial machines should also hold their value better as well, so if you ever need to sell, you can get much of your money back.

Online Financing

One last option is the one that we can help you with and that is online financing. With online financing, you can obtain a personal cash loan. You can then take that money to a dealer or box store and purchase your zero turn mower.

If you have perfect credit, you are probably better off getting a loan from a dealer, but if you have bad credit, this may be the only way that you can get a loan. Working with online lenders, especially a large group of them can increase your chances of getting an approved offer.

One big advantage of getting an online loan like this is that it will allow you to shop anywhere for your mower. Go to a box store, go to a dealer or even shop the used market. The choice is yours. Get the exact mower that you like and shop for the best deal.